Ifor Williams HB510XL Double Horsebox Trailer

Model Details

Sean Hogan Trailers presents the Ifor Williams HB510XL Horse Box for sale in Galway. The HB510XL is considered the workhorse of horseboxes. It is designed to carry 2 large horses with headroom for 17.2 hands in height. The HB510XL will also travel up to 4 ponies and is an ideal horsebox trailer for long journeys, offering thick rubber floor matting for a more comfortable transport when horse have to stand for long periods.
The Ifor Williams HB510XL is fitted with a range of telescopic partitions which are ideal for a number of ponies, along with a single partition that allows the HB510XL to carry 2 large horses facing forward in the trailer. With six sliding windows, roof vents and a front wind deflector, the roomy HB510XL provides lots of light and fresh air in the trailer when travelling horses and ponies on the road.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
HB610 175R16C 3500kg 1450kg 4.25m 2.07m 5.74m 2.30m
HB510XL 175R16C 3500kg 1290kg 4.25m 1.74m 5.76m 2.30m

Key Features


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