Ifor Williams Eventa Trailer

Model Details

Sean Hogan Trailers is proud to present the Ifor Williams Eventa Trailer for sale in Galway. The Eventa is a popular choice for owners and riders that require a stylish and comfortable trailer that allows them to sleep in overnight. The Eventa trailer from Ifor Williams is available in three colours and two sizes, the Eventa M (medium) and the Eventa L (large). It comes with fitted seats, beds, heating, hot water, wash up and cooking facilities.
Tack and storage lockers along with side windows are fitted as standard on the Eventa M, which is designed to carry two horses with a maximum height of 16.3 hands. The Eventa L can transport 2 horses or 3 ponies, with headroom for 17 hands in height and is available with a tri-axle option.
It also comes with added features and extra accommodation room. The Eventa Trailer from Ifor Williams also features the Herringbone partitioning system a new safety feature for travelling horses and ponies.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
Container 1000kg 3.46m 1.82m

Key Features

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